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Emblem for IBSA Goalball European Championships launched



July’s event will be the biggest in Lithuanian Paralympic sporting history.



The organising committee of July‘s IBSA Goalball European Championships men and women A in Kaunas, Lithuania, have launched the competition emblem.


Taking place between 5-12 July, the Championships are the biggest event in Lithuanian Paralympic historyLinas-Balsys-iteikia-priza-Linai-Sasnauskaitei-250x188 and the new  emblem depicts a “Night Owl”, a bird that is hunting in the night, with extremely sharp  ears, beautiful, noble and European.


 “We wanted to leave behind other Olympic logos, where most often a man’s silhouette and  motion is shown. I was looking for an animal, plant or bird to become a symbol and  unexpected correlation for blind people‘s sport,” said designer Lina Sasnauskaite.


“The first association with goalball for me was a bat which flies in the night and orientates according to a sound. But the danger was that bat can be understood in a childish way as a symbol for superman or batman. Suddenly the bat turned into an owl and I said – why not?


“An owl is a bird that is hunting in the night, a beautiful, noble and European bird. That is how a “Night owl” logo for the IBSA Goalball European Championships was born. At the same time the idea was not to make a zoo-like logo, so I incorporated elements from goalball game: hands, ball, eyeshades.”


Lithuanian Blind Sports Federation will print the logo embossed, so that blind people can feel it.


“We chose this “Night owl“ logo because it looks really unique, is based on a strong idea and has no boring elements: a man, black eyeshades and motion in attack or defence position,” said Linas Balsys, President of Lithuanian Blind Sports Federation.


The 2015 IBSA Goalball European Championships will feature the following men’s teams: Lithuania, Spain, Turkey, Germany, Czech Republic, Finland, Belgium, Slovenia, Sweden and Ukraine. The women’s competition includes: Russia, Turkey, Israel, Finland, Germany, Ukraine, Spain, Denmark, Sweden and Greece.



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